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Berthold Products

Berthold Technologies USA LLC, located locally in Oak Ridge, TN, is celebrating over 50 years in the business of providing high quality, non-contacting level, density, moisture, and mass-flow systems. The product range is quite broad providing on-line measurements for all different process industries.

Microwave and radiation absorption techniques are employed to allow customers to control their process even in very difficult circumstances. Berthold instruments feature the following key advantages:
  • Long life, maintenance free instruments for reliable and repeatable measurements
  • Radiometric measurement principle ensures the measurement is unaffected by changes in the physical properties of the material being measured
  • Highly sensitive sodium iodine scintillation crystal detectors requiring much smaller sources than ionization chamber detectors allowing general licensing for most process applications
  • Intrinsically Safe two-wire systems available for hazardous locations, eliminating the need for bulky explosion-proof enclosures
  • Explosion-proof HART two-wire systems available for economical installations where signals are taken to the DCS instead of local electronics enclosure.
  • Bulk Solids Mass-Flow measurement systems available for traditional mechanical conveying systems as well as "free fall" vertical pipe or duct systems
  • Micro-Moist LB 456 microwave on-line moisture monitoring system allows accurate and complete cross-section product moisture measurement rather than a surface moisture measurement
Please download the appropriate application data sheet for your requirement and submit for a quotation.

We would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you at your convenience to discuss our products.

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Application Data Forms
   ALARA Application Information Form
   Ash In Coal Application Information Form
   Belt Weigher Application Information Form
   Continuous Level Application Information Form
   Density Application Information Form
   Microwave Moisture Application Information Form
   Neutron Moisture Application Information Form
   Point Level Switch Application Information Form
   Radiometric Density Application Information Form

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