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Southeastern Automation Product Sheet

DELTA M Corporation Flow, Level, Interface and Temperature Switches

microtuf FS4200 Mass Flow Switch
Simple, dedicated switch with no moving parts for air, gases or liquids.

microtuf LS3200 Level Switch
Simple, dedicated switch with no moving parts for liquids, slurries or foams. Ideal for interface detection.

Versa-Switch VS5100 Dual Channel Mass Flow, Level & Temperature Switch
Multipurpose multi function switch for two of these variables with only one insertion into the vessel or pipe.

Versa-Switch FS51SC Single Channel Mass Flow Switch
Superiority of Versa-Switch design for simple applications. High reliability is enhanced with optional active failure alarm for critical applications.

Versa-Switch LS51SC Single Channel Point Level Switch
Superiority of Versa-Switch design for point switch. "Internal Self-Test" upon power-up that fits EPA requirements for storage tanks.
Versa-Switch and microtuf Switch Options
Connections, materials of construction, Insertion lengths, High Temperatures and other application specific options.
Multipoint Level Monitoring Instruments
Multiple independent switch points and relays through a single MNPT or flange connection.
Our unique sensor uses the fluid in the process line much like an electrical circuit uses a resistor. Changes in velocity, density, temperature, viscosity and pressure affect the value of this thermal resistor. Our electronics constantly monitor this thermal resistance and adjust the outputs based on these changes to reflect the actual mass flow in the process line. This allows us to output direct mass flow without any need for flow computers to infer mass flow rate from the many process variables making installation and maintenance much simpler and cost effective. This new technology allows Delta M to offer liquid mass flow meters for use in line sizes that were unheard of until now and at a cost that is much lower than most other technologies.

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