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Southeastern Automation Product Sheet

GE Sensing Products

GE has united the technological innovation and experience of industry leaders in the design and manufacture of advanced sensing and measurement solutions into one world-class business – GE Sensing. This new multi-million dollar business, with operations around the world, offers a broad range of products and services that help customers solve challenges and drive productivity.

GE Sensing is a global business that provides sensing elements, devices, instruments, and systems that enable our customers to monitor, protect, control, and validate their critical processes and applications. It is a core technology instruments business, focused on high growth industries.

GE Sensing has established a distribution channel for a number of their brands. Our firm has been selected to partner with GE Sensing for the following:
1. Panametrics family of clamp-on flowmeters for liquids and gases
     Transit-time liquid, gas and steam flowmeters
     Portable PT878 instrument for liquids
     AquaTrans AT868 and DigitalFlow DF868 liquid flowmeter
     AquaTrans UTX878 PanaFlow ISX Two-Wire Clamp-on Transmitters
     PanaFlow Wetted Sensor Transit-time instruments
     Portable PT878GC instrument for compressed air and gas lines
     DigitalFlow GM868 General Purpose Gas flowmeter
     DigitalFlow XGM868i Hazardous Area Gas Flowmeter
     DigitalFlow GF868 Flare Gas flowmeter
     DigitalFlow GS868 Steam Mass Ultrasonic flowmeter
     DigitalFlow XGSM868 Steam Flow Ultrasonic Transmitter
     DigitalFlow GC868 Hazardous Clamp-on Gas Ultrasonic Flowmeter
     DigitalFlow CTF878 Correlation Tag Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeter
     PanaFlow MV80 Inline Multivariable Flowmeter
     PanaFlow MV82 Insertion Multivariable Flowmeter
     Sentinel Custody Transfer Gas Ultrasonic Flowmeter

2. Druck family of pressure instruments to include pressure and depth/level instruments
     NEW UNIK 5000 Pressure Sensing Platform
     A modular design that allows the user to select their desired Pressure Connector, Pressure Range,
     Electrical Output, Electrical Connector, Temperature Range and Accuracy and allows the user to benefit from
     streamlined manufacturing with an economical range of instruments.
     Legacy Depth/Level Submersible Pressure Transmitters and Transducers
     Legacy Industrial and Specialty Pressure Transmitters and Transducers

3. Druck family of Precision Calibrators and Test Tools
     DPI620 Multifunction Calibrator/ Advanced Modular Calibration and HART Communication System
     Model 880 Economy Multifunction Calibrator and 800 Series Single Function Calibrators
      (Include an IDOS module and you have added high accuracy pressure measurement to any 800 Series Calibrator)
     Portable High Performance Pressure Calibrators and Pressure Sources
     104DPI Microprocessor-controlled Digital Pressure Gauge (can use with hand pump)
     UPS-ll and UPS-lll Simple, yet Smart Loop Calibrators
     Precision Benchtop Pressure Controllers/ Calibrators
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