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Southeastern Automation Product Sheet

Rotronic Products

ROTRONIC offers a comprehensive line of humidity instruments, probes and sensors for the measurement of relative humidity, dew point, water activity and other humidity parameters. Problem-free, accurate humidity measurement results both from the use of our unique HygroClip® digital technology and the most stable humidity sensor in the industry. Most of our humidity measurement instruments combine the measurement of temperature with that of humidity because temperature is critical to the proper measurement and interpretation of humidity.

The ROTRONIC product line includes portable humidity temperature indicators and probes both for general use and for applications such as printing and packaging, humidity temperature data loggers, water activity indicators and probes for quality control of foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, meteorological humidity temperature probes as well as humidity temperature transmitters for HVAC installations, manufacturing applications and process control. For special applications, we offer a line of intrinsically safe humidity probes and transmitters.

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