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Southeastern Automation Product Sheet
Analytical Product Lines for
Instrumentation Product Lines for
All Industries

EmersonProcess Management / Rosemount Analytical

Liquid Division - Liquid Analysis
Continuous On-line Analyzers for pH/ORP, Conductivity, Resistivity, % Concentration, Turbidity, Total & Free Chlorine, Disolved Oxygen, Disolved Ozone & Select Ion; Zullig Disolved Oxygen and Suspended Solids Systems. Continuous On-LineRefractometer. Continuous On-Line TOC Analyzer.

Process Analytical Division - Combustion
In-situ Zirconium Oxide for O2 or Extractive Flue Gas, Analyzers for O2 & Combustibles (CO), Compliance Opacity/Dust Density Monitors, Hagan Pneumatic Fan/Damper Actuators

Process Analytical Division - Gas Analysis/CEMS
Continuous Analyzers - Single/Multicomponent NOx, CO, CL2, SO2, O2, THC, H2, VOC, Moisture, NH3, & other gases, General Purpose or Ex-Proof. Continuous Emmissions Monitoring System, Stand-Alone Cabinets, Shelters & Modular Systems. Compact MicroCEM Analyzer

Emerson Chromatographs - GC Systems
Milticomponent Model 700 Process Gas Chromatograph Transmitter for Process and Ambient Monitoring, Field mount (no shelter needed). Model 500 Process Gas Chromatograph for most trace and % level Hydrocarbon processing, liquid and gas. Model 1000 Process Gas Chromatograph for select trace levels and/or up to 300 degreesF (150 C). Mon 2000 Software for Diagnostics, Archives, Data Acquisition and Reporting for multiple GC's.

Absolute Process Instruments
Signal Transmitters, Conditioners, Alarms, Loop Isolators, Loop Powered Indicators, Power Supplies

Blue-White Industries
UltraSonic Flowmeters

Ceresist, Inc.
Ceramic piping, fittings, valves, orifice plates, and ancillary products

D&M Instruments, Inc.
Hazardous Area Approved Type "Z" Purge Indicators and Type "X" Purge Controllers

Delta M Corporation
Flow, Level, Interface & Temperature Switches, Thermal Differential Principle; SP76 Compliant Flow Switch, VERSA-SWITCH - field configurable for Mass Flow, Level or Temperature. TM6000 TrendMassTertm Mass Flowmeter (Multivariable Transmitter) for Liquids

Fujikin of America, Inc.
Solid Ceramic Ball Valves, 1/2" to 8" Throttling, On/Off and Manual; Abrasion and Corrosion Resistant

Berthold Technologies USA LLC
Non-contact Instruments for Continuous & Point Level, Liquid Density & Solid Mass Flow (Weighing Systems/Free Fall), HART. Microwave Liquid/Slurry Density Gauge. Microwave Moisture Analyzer Systems. Ash in Coal Analyzer. Radiation Survey Meters, Semi-stationary or Portable
GE Sensing Products

GE Sensing - Industrial

Flow Products
Clamp-on Transit Time Portable or Fixed Flowmeters for 1/2" to 300" Line sizes, General Purpose, I.S. or Explosion-Proof, for Liquid, Gas or Steam Service; Vortex Flowmeter for Volumetric or Mas Flow (Multivariable)

Pressure/Level Products
Druck Submersible Pressure Transducers for Depth/Level Measurement - GP or Hazardous, Process Pressure Transmitters, Industrial "Screw-in" Pressure Transmitters

DPI 620 Multifunction Documenting Calibrator - HART Communicator - for Pressure, Temperature, Electrical Signals; Loop/Temperature Calibrators, Pressure and High Precision Pressure Calibrators, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Hand Pumps, Pressure/Vacuum Supply Units.
Delta F
Oxygen Analyzers for Critical Applications, Non-depleting Cell for %, PPM, PPB and PPT
E Instruments
Greenline Series Portable Combusiton Analyzers - Handheld or Suitcase units for 1-9 Sensors - O2, CO, No/NOx, SO2, or CxHy plus Draft & Differential Pressure, Gas Velocity, Data Logging, Impact Printer. MicroCal Series Multifunction or Single function Process Calibrators.
Metering Pumps- Solenoid or Motor Driven, Motor Driven Hydraulically Actuated; Centrifugal Pumps (Magnetic Drive), Chemical Feed Systems- Pre-engineered or Custom Builr includes: Single or Multiple Pumps, Tanks & Mixers, Measuring and Control Equipment, Chemical Feed Stations

Portable Fluid Samplers & Stationary Fluid Samplers.
Tracer 1000 & 2000 Radar Level Transmitters,tm Vibex Series Vibrating Element Level Switches, Variable Area Flowmeters,
Turbine Flowmeters, PD Flowmeters,
Perma Pure

Gas Conditioning Products including dryers, humidifiers, filters, coalescers, specialty scrubbers and complete sampling systems
Perma-Cal Industries, Inc.
Direct Drive Pressure Gauges - High Reliability & Safety, Process or Test
Rotronic Instrument Corp.
Digital Relative Humidity, Temperature and Dewpoint Transmitters and Probes; Portable Instruments, Data Loggers.
Telemetry System utilizing Trusted Omnex HopLink Technology (Spread Spectrum Products) Signal Conditioning/Interface/power Supplies/Relays/Terminal Strips/Surge Voltage Protection Products
Moisture and CO2 Analyzers (PPM) for Natural Gas Pipelines, Atmospheric and Process Gases
Precision Digital, Inc.
Digital Panel Meters, Combo Bargraph/Digital Display Device for 4 or 8 Channels, Annunciators. NOVA Series Temperature/Process Controllers: 1/16, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4 DIN w/Setpoint Programs
ProMag/PM Ltd.
Magnetic Float Type Liquid Level Indicators/Transmitters, Liquid Level Switches. Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter. Auto-Pump Maintenance Free Pump
Liquid and solid level
Pump control
Sludge blanket interface
Open channel flow
Quest-Tec Solutions
Liquid level gage and valve product lines
TCI, Inc.
Thermocouples, Thermowells, RTDs & Accessories
Texmate, Inc.
Intelligent Panel Meters and Bargraphs, Standard Dedicated Function or Programmable w/PID, On/Off, Scrolling Display, Single or Multiple Displays, Datalogging
Multipulse PD Flowmeters, Turbopulse In-Line / Dualpulse Insertion Turbine Flowmeters. Universal Florate Totalizer