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Southeastern Automation Product Sheet is being UPDATED

Welcome to Southeastern Automation, Inc. website's home page. We are a Manufacturers representative agency providing instrumentation, valves and control systems to the industrial and municipal marketplace throughout Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama.

We represent technology leading Manufacturers who partner with our firm to offer the most advanced and cost effective solutions for helping our customers plants or facilities achieve maximum performance and productivity. Through solution selling, we provide an analysis of your current situation or problem and utilize our expertise to recommend the best products or course of action. Although we offer a broad array of instrumentation, our experiences have allowed us to specialize in certain areas which include:

We also provide system solutions and on-site services for customers wanting turnkey solutions including: Please navigate our site to find the latest instrument, valve or solution for your requirement. We pride ourselves in offering new solutions for old problems. While you may find your information on our site, please feel free to contact us and review your application with our technical staff.

Thank you for spending your valuable time at our site.

Southeastern Automation Product Sheet is being UPDATED

Corporate Office  
P. O. Box 22820
Knoxville, Tennessee 37933-0820
Phone: 865-675-3080
FAX: 865-675-3060