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Pulsar Products



Pulsar is best known for our non-contacting ultrasonic range: Our flagship Ultra3 and Ultra5 devices embody in individual control units a range of fully functioned sophisticated level and flow measurement solutions for a wide range of applications. Sister product Zenith is designed to give ultimate control over the functions of a pumping station, while Ultra Twin provides two channels for control or flow measurement in a single control unit. blackbox, a component ultrasonic system, fits within a distributed control network to provide superb reliable level measurement with a range of different output options. Ultra and blackbox will each work with the full range of Pulsar transducers.Completing the lineup is IMP, self-contained ultrasonic measurement without compromise, configurable as two or three wire and perfect in either liquids or solids applications.

Pulsar ultrasonics feature superb DATEM echo processing software, allowing Pulsar units to successfully discriminate between echoes and give a true measurement in many cases where ultrasonic equipment would have been unusable only a few years ago. With initial signal processing taking place in the transducer, Pulsar units are highly resistant to electrical noise.

Ultrasonic gap, capacitance, rotating paddle, & vibrating fork

Ultrasonic open channel flow for Parshall Flumes, Palmer Bowles, V-Notch and Rectangular Weirs, and more.

Process protection has always formed an important part of the Pulsar product range. The Zenith 140 Pumping Station Controller has digital inputs so that it can check on pump performance that it calls into action and all level measurement devices often fall into this category, but more specifically, Pulsar produce three products for the task.

Sludge Finder is a reliable, effective sludge interface monitor. A single controller may be used to measure up to four tanks. Sludge Finder uses an underwater acoustic sensor to provide continuous, reliable sludge level detection that lets you reduce pumping, optimise dosing and gives staff time to concentrate on other things.

Pulsarbar is a range of pressure and level transmitters perfect for demanding applications throughout industry and the utilities. They are exceptionally stable combining advanced sensing technology with modern manufacturing methods. All are submersible with good overrange protection. Typical applications include sumps, boreholes and basin depth.

Pulsar software is available in two main forms, depending upon whether datalogging is required or not. In all cases, it is possible to see echo traces, to program Pulsar units and to troubleshoot applications.
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