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Fujikin Products

Fujikin is recognized as a global leader in the manufacture of automatic control equipment, specialized gas control units, ceramic valves, ultra-high precision electrically-actuated needle valves, as well as ultra high purity valves and fittings. We represent the ceramic valve division of Fujikin of America's Products.

The Fujikin Cosmix Ceramic Valve was so unique and ahead of its time, that one year after its introduction in the U.S., it won the prestigious Vaaler Award from Chemical Processing.

The most significant advantages for choosing Fujikin's solid ceramic ball valve over standard material ball valves include:

1) Corrosion and Abrasion Resistance: The 99.5% Alumina ceramic resists corrosion and has outstanding wear resistance because it has a hardness next to diamond and is superior to metals and stellited materials in wear resistance. Alumina ceramics are inert to oxidation, and are not corroded by most chemical agents.

2) Longevity: In addition to those uses subject to corrosion, abrasion, and erosion, the ceramic valve should be considered for applications where the valve requires frequent maintenance and trim replacement. Since ceramic is 100 times more corrosion resistant than steel, it can be suited for a wide range of applications within the pressure and design limits. Other features include:
  • Cavitation – Even severe, continuous cavitation will not degrade or damage the ceramic valve components.
  • Wide Selection of Trims: Four to Five Cv’s Per Line Size Provide Tailored, Accurate, Full Range Controls
  • Sizes from 1/2” to 8” , ANSI 150 or 300#
  • Any type of quarter-turn automation
  • Two year Performance Guarantee against corrosion, abrasion, materials and workmanship

Both manual and automated valves are offered. While many of the early applications were for slurries, customers have begun to specify the Fujikin valve for other demanding applications.

Fujikin’s Mini-Control Valve is offered for fine control in ˝”-2” sizes. There are significant advantages to utilizing this valve over conventional severe-service valves as reviewed above.

The Valve Specification Sheet may be downloaded for providing application data for your specific requirement.

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