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Cosmix Ball Valve

Designed to Endure. The Cosmix ball valve was specifically engineered to withstand abrasion, corrosion or a combination of both. The standard ceramic material used in all Cosmix ball valves is 99.5% pure alumina ceramic, which is 8 times harder than stainless steel and 2½ times harder than Stellite®. Since the materials utilized in the Cosmix ball valve are so hard, this unique characteristic enables the valve to perform extremely well under the most erosive applications - including constant cavitation, high velocities, high differential pressures and high percent solids.

Data Sheet Valve Spec Sheet
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Mini-Control Valve

Why choose a Fujikin Mini-Control Valve? Fujikin Mini-Control Valves offer significant advantages over conventional severe-service valves by utilizing the advanced properties of technical ceramics. All wetted valve components are manufactured of solid 99.5% high-purity alumina ceramic, which guarantees a valve that is superior in all respects, including resistance to corrosion, abrasion and cavitation. The valve also provides with ultra-precise control. For all Mini-Control Valves, backlash/stiction is less than 0.2%, response time is an ultra-quick 0.1 second average and overshoot is an impressive 0% – yielding unprecedented fluid control accuracy in a fully-ceramic valve.

Data Sheet Valve Spec Sheet

Many users of Fujikin Valves also have needs for companion products provided by Ceresist, Inc.

Please visit the Ceresist page for more information.

Ceresist Cavity Fillers

Cavity fillers dramatically increase the life of Fujikin Ceramic Ball Valves by reducing the amount of dead space within the valve by 77%. Cavity fillers are manufactured in high-purity 99.5% alumina ceramic - the same material as the valve components.

Ceramic Cavity Filler Data Sheet

Ceresist Ceramic-Lined Accessories

As an added service, we also offer a variety of piping adapters with ceramic linings made of the same high-purity technical ceramic materials - 99.5% or 99.8% alumina ceramic.

Properties of Ceresist Fitting Ceramics

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